Adventures in Women’s Swimsuit Shopping

It’s a bit late in the season, but I decided it’s time for a new swimsuit.

(Cue the scary movie music.)

Shopping for the perfect swimsuit is never fun, and today on the Honey Creek Books blog I’m sharing a few things I learned struggled in and out of countless spandex creations. Laugh with me not at me as you read the trials of baring one’s thighs and arms to the world.

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2 responses to “Adventures in Women’s Swimsuit Shopping

  1. Ah, I’m late in the season, too. Heading out to buy one today & getting ready to be majorly depressed;-( I’ll head over to your post for some advice & a laugh to cheer me up!


  2. I think you find the BEST ones late in the season…and for less $ too ;) Ugh, bathing suit shopping’s never fun. Neither is not going in the water @ a pool party but…it is what it is. lol :)