Next Stop on the Writing Process Blog Chain (Hint: It’s Me)


Aye ‘n’ begorrah! My good friend and funny writer, Cathy C. Hall is on the Writing Process blog chain, writing about her latest shenanigans!

Originally posted on Cathy C. Hall:

2009-02-10 16.23.12 Sure, t’is a lovely day to be writing.

It’s a wee bit rainy on this St. Patrick’s Day morning, but that’s all the better for this lass to keep her pounding at the keys. If the sun were shinin’ bright, a certain strawberry blonde might be up to all sorts of shenanigans. So a big thank you to the good Lord who brings the rains, and a big thank you to Margo L. Dill, who is any day now releasing her new novel, CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO CURSES! Margo invited me to answer a couple questions on the writing process (and if you want to know all about Margo’s news and process, check out the last stop on the blog chain here.)

On to the Writing Process questions!

1. What am I working on?

Whew! Just last night, I had a wee bit of a panic attack, wondering how I would…

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One response to “Next Stop on the Writing Process Blog Chain (Hint: It’s Me)

  1. I can’t wait to see what YOU have to say, Suzanne! I want to know what your super power is. You know, the one that allows you to work and teach and write and promote and…well, you get the picture. :-)