15 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

There comes a time (or times) in every writer’s career when motivation wanes. The muse takes a break. The pen runs out of ink. The words don’t flow.

This is nothing to be afraid of. Writer’s block can be caused by many things, emotional, physical, or mental. Rather than go into the causes of writer’s block, let’s focus on some cures. Today you’ll find a list of 15 articles and websites that will help you regain your focus when your writing gets sidetracked.

Please don’t read all these articles today. That would mean you’re reading not writing. You want to get back to writing, right? So instead of spending hours today reading, bookmark this page and read one or two articles a day to give you the focus you need to keep going.

Are You Really Writing?


Create Effective Goals to Write Your Novel


Motivation From Angela Booth’s writing blog.


12 and ½ Writing Rules


What to Write, What to Write?


Attack of the Dreaded Writer’s Block


How To Overcome Writer’s Block


Stimulate Those Creative Juices


Tips for Staying Motivated to Write


Writing Quotes for Motivation


How To Beat Writer’s Block This site is full of software, tips, and articles for writers from the author of the Hal Spacejock series.


7 Can’t Miss Ways to Kick Start the Writing Habit


31 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Writing


Random Writing Prompts


Language is a Virus


When I sat down to write this, I had writer’s block. Now, 45 minutes later, I’m working again and ready to pump out some words. I hope this blog post helps you in the same way it helped me.





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