Year-End Awards for the Classroom

I have a tradition in my classroom of giving each and every student a special award at the end of the year. The students look forward to it because each award is tailored to who they are or things they have done in the school year. Each student gets a different award.


The awards can be funny, slightly silly, or serious. It all depends on the student.


Over the years I’ve developed a long list of ideas for awards that I use, and it seems that every year I come up with a few new ones, depending on the personality of the student. It’s really a fun thing to do. It gives some closure to the school year, and it helps me appreciate each child for who he or she is; their individual talents and quirks.


I print up certificates for the awards and we have a ceremony in the classroom on the last day. You can make your own certificates in Word. There are also many places on the web to create free awards. Crayola has the most flexible certificate maker, but you have to handwrite the names.


Here is my list to get you started. Many of the ideas I found in forums on the web over the years. Once you read a few of these, I’m sure you’ll think of many more. Feel free to add to it, change it, adapt it to your class.


  1. The Oprah Award – given to a student who loved to be the microphone holder and facilitator during our classroom presentations.
  2. The R.L. Stine Award – for the student who devoured the most Goosebumps books.
  3. Einstein Award – given to a person who loves science.
  4. Thomas Edison Award – given to someone who loves to investigate or invent things.
  5. Emily Post Award or Miss Manners Award – for a girl with impeccable manners.
  6. Mister Manners Award – for a boy with impeccable manners.
  7. The Harry Potter Award – given to the person who always gets into scrapes.
  8. The Thinker Award – for the problem solver in the class.
  9. Nobel Peace Prize Award – for a peacekeeper. At our school they are conflict managers.
  10. Peace Corps Award – another peacekeeper award.
  11. Speedy McSpeedster Award – for the person who always finishes work fast.
  12. Good and Plenty Award – for reading plenty of good books.
  13. Almond Joy Award – for always bringing joy into the classroom.
  14. Three Musketeers Award – given to someone who is a good friend.
  15. The Snickers Award – for the student who is the class clown. (There is one in every class.)
  16. The Timex Award – for the student who always watches the clock and keeps us on schedule.
  17. The Whangdoodle Award – for the most creative student in some unusual way.
  18. The Twilight Award – given to a girl who loves everything Twilight.
  19. The Way With Words Award – for someone who loves to talk and have an audience.
  20. Best Comedian Award – for a person with an excellent sense of humor.
  21. The Funny Bone Award – for a student with a good sense of humor.
  22. The Punch Line Award – for the student who guesses the answer to our Joke of the Day most often.
  23. King or Queen of Questions Award – for the person who always has a question.
  24. Hummingbird Award – I had a boy who would hum all day and never even knew it.
  25. The Whistle While You Work Award – I’ve had whistlers too!
  26. Helping Hands Award – for the class helper.
  27. The Line Leader Cheerleader Award – for the student who keeps us in a straight line.
  28. The Cutest Giggle Award – I gave this to a girl who had the funniest giggle ever.
  29. The Survivor Award – for someone who sticks with it even if they are struggling.
  30. The 110% Award – again for a student who gives it his all and then some.
  31. The Best Bull Rider Award – went to a boy who is a bull rider and rodeo participant.
  32. The Best Vaquero/Vaquera Award – for a boy or girl who loves horses.
  33. The Eggs Award – for eggs-cellent achievement in any area.
  34. The Football Award – for a student who tackled every task and did her best.
  35. The Tee-Rific Award – for someone who did a terrific job in some area.
  36. The Marble Award – for someone who did a marble-ous job.
  37. The Million Award – to say “Thanks a Million” to someone who helped in a special way.
  38. The Record Breaker Award – for someone who broke a long standing class record.
  39. The Welcome Aboard Award – for someone who joined the class just before the year-end.
  40. The Super Smile Award – for someone who is always smiling.
  41. The Big Heart Award – for someone who exemplifies caring.
  42. The Librarian Award – for the person who always had a book to read at her desk.
  43. The Diving Award – for the person who always dives right in to all the assignments.
  44. The Olympic Math Award – for someone who excelled in math.
  45. Ravenous Reader Award – for the person who read the most books.
  46. The Awesome Artist Award
  47. The Amazing Actor Award or the Oscar Award– for someone who loves being in plays.
  48. The Best Foot Forward Award – went to the boy who had the most miles in our walking club.
  49. The Designer Desk Award –for the neatest desk.
  50. The Handsome Handwriting Award – for the boy with the best handwriting.
  51. The Super Style Award – for the person who always came dressed and groomed well.
  52. The Best Hair Award – given to the boy or girl who has a chic style.
  53. The Fashion Forward Award – for the person who accessorizes and has a unique style.
  54. The Most Improved in _______ Award – for someone who has improved significantly.

9 responses to “Year-End Awards for the Classroom

  1. Appreciation for things you’ve done is something anyone will crave for, even at least once in his or her lifetime. Teachers are the second parent everyone can consider, its really nice that as a teacher you evaluate very well the individual differences of your students. The awards mentioned can make someones day happy or proud. Good work 🙂


  2. Thanks Sheila! Now you’ve made my day!


  3. Love it!!! Thank you for the ideas. This has been a rough years, so finding awards that fit were in short supply!!!


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  5. Love it! Hope you don’t mind I steal this idea!!


  6. Steal away, my friend! I’m glad you found it helpful!


  7. Kim Gaynes

    Think this is a super idea! I’ve been teaching Sunday School for 12 years now and usually at year end we give out attendance and participation awards and that’s it. This year I decided there should be an award of merit to each child and thanks to your ideas I think I have found one for each child that I believe they will remember for many years to come. Thanks once again.