Picture Prompt Monday, March 28

It’s Picture Prompt Monday, and here’s a picture to get your writing muse started. I chose a John James Audubon print from the public domain to share, the Roseate Spoonbill.

Roseate Spoonbill from Birds of America, Plate 321 by J. J. Audubon

Image for Roseate Spoonbill in the Public Domain at the LOC

A thoughtful parent of one of my students recently came into class and did a tremendous slideshow presentation and food tasting of Italy. He’s a local farmer and had gone to Italy on business. He later sent me a thank you card, (didn’t I tell you he’s a thoughtful parent?) featuring this Audubon print.

Again with the Audubon theme, I just finished the book Okay for Now, by Newbery Honor Award winning author Gary D. Schmidt. The book is a coming of age story that features Audubon prints with each chapter. If you read my review of this fantastic book you’ll understand why Audubon is on my mind. The book is so good, I’m going to read it with my class and project a digital image of Audubon plates on the whiteboard for each chapter.

Gary D. Schmidt managed to weave together baseball, child abuse, cancer, the Vietnam War, the Apollo space missions, Audubon, and finding oneself all in one beautiful package. What can you do with this picture?

Feel free to post a link back to your story after you’re done, or if it’s micro-fiction, you may post the entire story in the comments.

Happy writing!


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