Doing #NaNoWrimo #YWP with Thirty Tweens

The world famous noveling month has arrived, and with it, the bubbling enthusiasm of my 5th grade students. These ten year old writers are scribbling about unicorns, runway models, mystery-solving orphans, giant superheroes in tight pants, and most anything a kid can imagine.

In honor of their fortitude and creativity, I’m posting this video by Kid President. He says, “Don’t be boring. You’re gooder than that. You’re awesome.

“If you can watch this without smiling and feeling inspired, then I’m not sure if we can be friends. Go ahead. Enjoy!


2 responses to “Doing #NaNoWrimo #YWP with Thirty Tweens

  1. Is your class doing 50,000 words together or individually? Never thought about doing it with my 6th graders! And I love kid president!


  2. Hi Jamie! They have set their own goals, and most of them are around 3k-5k. We worked through October on plot, character, and setting, so now we’ll see what they create! How fun is that?