A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

I’m happy to tell you about a new book, A Kiss Under the Mistletoe, out just in time for holiday reading.


This anthology is full of true love stories guaranteed to warm your heart more than that cup of hot chocolate in your hand. My own story of how I met the man of my dreams is “Christmas Blind Date”.  It’s true, and we’re still eating the enchiladas every Christmas.

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I hope you’ll take a minute to click the link and look at the book. It’s full of heartwarming, sweet, romantic true tales that remind us of the joy of the holiday season.

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2 responses to “A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

  1. I love the tag line of this book. But then, I’m partial to the word magic wherever I hear it! Thanks for letting us know about this collection.


  2. Thanks, Brenda. I agree, there’s something about “magic” that just draws me in!