30 Day Book Challenge 2014 with Suzanne Lilly

Have you done any 30 Day Challenges? I’m currently doing three with my son, the push-ups, sit-ups, and squats challenges. After all that hard work, I need a more bookish sort of activity, so I’m starting this Book Challenge! Yes, I’ve always been a sucker for punishment.


I mean fun-ishment. Because this book challenge should be fun.

I’ll be posting my daily answers on my Suzanne Lilly Facebook page, and using the hashtags #30DayBookChallenge or #30DayBook2014. I hope you’ll join in too, and post your answers on your blog, or Twitter, or wherever you hang out. You can post with pictures on Instagram, or videos on YouTube, or whatever your literary heart desires. Let’s just have fun with it.

You can download the PDF file from this link:


You can also click on the picture to enlarge it.


One response to “30 Day Book Challenge 2014 with Suzanne Lilly

  1. Love this idea!!