Gabe’s Secret Release Day & Party

Grace and Asher are back as secondary characters in a new novel by Amy Durham called Gabe’s Secret. Amy is a talented writer who knows how to touch the heart of a subject in a sensitive way that keeps you turning the pages.

GabeAZPreOrderIt’s been two years since Grace and Asher figured out their relationship in the novel Asher’s Mark. (You can read my post about it here.) Now a young woman named Rachelle is working for the same tattoo shop where Asher works as an artist. She’s falling for Gabe, who runs a local coffee shop, and who also has some ink. But it wouldn’t be a story without complications, right?

Rachelle and Gabe jump off the pages of this book from the very beginning. I couldn’t help but want to see them get together. Hopefully, you’ll feel the same way. Amy Durham’s writing gets better with every book. You can order and enjoy this newest book in the Resolution Series, Gabe’s Secret from Amazon.

April 11, 2016 is the release day, and the author is having a Facebook release party from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. Eastern time. It should be fun, so please consider popping in and chatting with Amy and some readers of her books.

About Amy Durham

After spending every work day with classrooms full of tweens and teens, then going home to three boys of hAmy Durham Authorer own, two of whom fall into the tween/teen category, you’d think that Amy Durham might like to leave the world of teenagers and young adults behind. Not so!

Instead, she spends her spare moments – which sometimes consist of waiting twenty minutes for her oldest kiddo to get out of band practice – with her laptop and a multitude of teenage characters trying to navigate their way through the twisted, difficult road of adolescence.

You might ask… “Why Young/New Adult Fiction”? Well, because it’s what she knows. As a teacher and a parent, Amy is around teens on an almost constant basis. And while it’s true they can be – ahem – challenging, they are also full of life, vision, and dreams. And that’s a really cool place to be.

Young Adult and New Adult Fiction allows young readers the opportunity to find hope for the situations they find themselves in, find determination to keep on going, and courage to pursue their dreams. It also allows adult readers the chance to revisit the exuberance of youth, remember the joy and poignancy of first love, and recall how it felt to dream with abandon.

Amy Durham is a wife and mother, an author, a teacher, an avid reader, and a musician. If she weren’t writing books, she’d be a celebrity chef!

Books by Amy Durham

Asher’s Mark – “Can love that begins so young stand the test of time?”

Dusk – “The road to forgiveness is filled with heartache… and love.”

Once Again (Sky Cove #1)

Once and For All (Sky Cove #2)

For Once: A Sky Cove Short Story (Sky Cove #1.5)



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