Who is the TeacherWriter?

Hello, friends. If you haven’t guessed, I’m a teacher and I’m a writer, hence the moniker TeacherWriter. I love both careers. I get to be gregarious all day long, then I can retreat to my introspective place at the end of the day.

I did have a previous life when I wasn’t a teacher, but I’ve always been a writer.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m one of the nice teachers.

At least that’s what the students tell me.

To my face.

There’s been a bit of confusion lately about who I am. I’m not having an identity crisis, but it may appear so to a casual observer. To tell you the truth, friends, Suzanne Pitner, Suzanne Lilly, and the TeacherWriter are all one and the same. I’ve now connected my author site with this one to make things clear for my readers.

  • Suzanne Lilly: If you want to know about my Young Adult and Middle Grade books, or my fiction writing credits, I’ll tell you all about them at my Suzanne Lilly Author website. Honey Creek Books is the imprint for my YA sweet romance SHADES OF THE FUTURE due to be published in July 2012 and UNTELLABLE, a YA suspenseful romance coming in February 2013.
  • TeacherWriter: If you want to know more about teaching tips, writing tips, and just fun stuff I find online, the TeacherWriter blog is where you want to be.
  • Twitter: Please follow me on Twitter as @suzannelilly. I love to have conversations on Twitter. I often use the hashtag #amwriting and #ROW80. I also tweet from the @HoneyCreekBooks account.

So there you have it. I’m a bit of a feminine Jekyll and Hyde, but without the evil intent and the stovepipe hat.

Rapunzel’s Daughters is a recent anthology of redone fairy tales in which my story, East of the Sun and West of the Moon Redux, appears.  It’s available through Amazon in print and ebook formats.

Cover for Rapunzel's Daughters

Image copyright Pink Narcissus Press


18 responses to “Who is the TeacherWriter?

  1. Nice to meet you! I am also an English teacher and I would like to invite you to join my new forum at Christian Teacher Forum here at WordPress. You seem like a person who could really give some good commentary and advice for teachers who are looking to network for lesson plan ideas, discussion topics, helpful tips, curriculum advice, etc. Thanks!


  2. Hello! I stumbled across your blog as I was searching for an online version of a writing contest from Real Simple Magazine. What a great surprise to find your site. I am a teacher as well- of Spanish and ESL- and an aspiring novelist. My dream is to write full time- free lance, write books, magazine articles. While I love to teach, my deck and laptop are so much more soothing to me than 35 middle schoolers! It’s a stressful job! So, on this summer break, I am trying to “figure out” how I can make a go of a writing career. Any advice? I have website- imrunnerchica.com- which has many inspirational articles that I believe I could tweak for a magazine or online forum. Just not sure how to go about it! Any advice would be so appreciated! THANKS!!! 🙂


  3. teacherwriter

    Hi Abbey,

    I’m so glad you found my blog. One huge help I’ve found is WOW! Women on Writing. http://www.wow-womenonwriting.com. They have a group called Premium Green, PG for short, which is a bunch of women writers helping one another. Annette and Angela, the owners of the site, have helpful articles, interviews, and blogs. They also give very friendly advice. Check it out, and maybe I’ll see you on the PG boards!


  4. Would you be interested in sharing your blog with our community of educators over at TheApple.com? It’s great!


  5. Hi Suzzane,

    Would you kindly list the following contest on your teacher/writer site?

    Write your true story of a former sweetheart, in 700 words or less. Cash prizes No entry fee. Contest deadline August 17, 2010. Details at http://www.ourpastloves.com/contest

    This is our fourth annual Past Loves Story Contest, and we are also in the process of putting together an anthology.

    Many thanks,

    Kate and Leon


  6. I’m so thrilled to find your site. I’m wresting with the simple logisitics of combining a university teaching career with fiction writing. I’ll be a regular visitor here to see what nuggets of wisdom you’ve posted.


    • Actually, my nuggets of wisdom come from conversations with many other teacher writers. We’re all learning from each other. It seems that both careers, teaching and writing, can very quickly turn into obsessions that take all your time. The balancing trick is to find the tiny point on the apex where we can do both, and do them both well. Some days I tip to the teaching side, some days I teeter to the writing side, and some days I feel like I’m on the ground looking up. That’s when advice from other people like ourselves pulls me back up.


  7. Hello! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! If you’d like to take part, please visit my recent post to read the rules: http://kenziekay.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/versatile-blogger-award/


  8. Thank you soooo much! I’ll join in the fun and pass the award along to more bloggers.


  9. Just wanted you to know I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award (http://audreykalman.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/let-the-sun-shine-in-a-somewhat-miscellaneous-weekly-update/). NO OBLIGATION whatsoever to continue passing along… I know how time-consuming it can be! Am enjoying your blog.


  10. Thanks a bunch, Audrey! I hope you have mondo sales of your book, Dance of Souls.


  11. I share the same passion! Thanks, Suzanne! =)


  12. Hi Suzanne, I stumbled across your blog and just love reading what you write. You remind me a lot of my AP English teacher in high school who passed away a few years ago. She was one of my greatest inspirations and I see a lot of her style in your writing. You have a wonderful blog, and I will be around to read more!


  13. I would like to learn how to craft more evocative sentences in my fiction writing. Writing evocatively seems to be very in these says and I want to learn how to do it better. Do you know of any books or workshops specifically on this? Please advise me. Thanks,


    • Yes. There are so many. One I love is The Nighttime Novelist by Joseph Bates. Another is the Portable MFA by the New York Writers Workshop. I also love Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass. Thos are my top three go-to books that I use on a regular basis.


  14. A pleasure to meet you…I enjoy reading the writing tips on your blog. If I might add to Lorraine’s comment above…writing comes alive when the writer engages the reader in the five senses, allowing him/her to see, hear, smell, feel and sense what is going on in the story. Thank you for visiting and following my blog!


    • Very true. I do try to “be” in the moment I’m writing and include as many senses as possible. Thanks for leaving this comment! I’m getting ready to do some revisions today, and I’ll be keeping your advice in mind.


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