Books and Writing Credits


Nonfiction Writing Credits

Writer of EL texts for Darakwon, an educational publisher.

Writer for School Specialty, Inc., Premiere Agenda division.

Past Topic Editor for Curriculum/Education section and the Writing Fiction section at

Past Sacramento Easy Meals Examiner and Sacramento Budget Wine Examiner for

Freelance contributing articles have appeared in WOW! Women on Writing, Cat Fancy, The Dixon Tribune, MystericalE, Common Ties, and many other publications.


Fiction Writing Credits

Please go to my Suzanne Lilly page to see my full list of fiction writing credits.

Gold Rush Girl

Book One of The California Argonauts

Gold Rush Girl small

When Lucinda Martin York arrives in California at the beginning of the gold rush, she is alone and destitute, but holding fast to her dream of becoming one of the first women doctors. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal.

George Arnold has a dream of his own, one he left his family and friends behind to pursue, one that will make him a key investor in California’s golden future. He’s willing to sacrifice everything for his goal.

Although their dreams are divergent, Lucinda and George team together for survival in the mining town of Diggers Flat. They grow close as they deal with thieves, fire, and tragedy, but in the end, it is their very dreams that may tear them apart.

A Thousand Little Secrets

A Thousand Little Secrets coverMarin Eriksen can read minds. Her gift brings unwanted secrets to keep, difficult decisions to make, and heavy heartaches to heal.

Marin Eriksen has a clairvoyant gift she keeps secret. She wants her life to be controlled, safe, and most of all, ordinary. When her gift reveals sinister activities taking place in her home town of Olympus, California, she’s forced into action.



Barnes and Noble



Cover of UntellableAspen Dwyer is a young woman hiding from a past to horrible to mention. She finds love and friendship in Honey Creek, but when her father is released from prison, and threatens her life, she has to decide if she should run again, or stay and fight for the people she loves. 

Published February 2013 by Turquoise Morning Press.

Available online at these locations:


Turquoise Morning Press


Barnes and Noble


Shades of the Future

Shades of the Future cover artWhat would you do if you could see your future? Would you change it? What if you couldn’t? Sometimes this thing we call “the gift” is really a curse.

Mariah Davis loves animals, running, and her hunk of a boyfriend, Kevin Creamer. Everything looks bright for her until the day she finds a pair of sunglasses that allow her to see the future.

When she glimpses a disaster looming, she tries to avoid it but fails. She has a car accident that lands her in a wheelchair, smashing her hopes for a running scholarship to the veterinary program at Ohio State University. She pushes Kevin away, thinking he’ll want to end their relationship now that she can’t walk.

Will she ever learn to trust and love again? She could search for an answer in the sunglasses. But she’s afraid that what they reveal might destroy her.

Shades of the Future, published by Turquoise Morning Press, July 2012.



Official Press Kit Page

Please visit my Suzanne Lilly Press Kit page for downloadable cover art, an official author biography, and official author contact links.




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