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Take a Trip to Hotel Safari

I have some good news and bad news for you. Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard that line before. But in this case, there’s no other way to state it. I’m going to get you psyched up and then I’m going to let you down. But gently, friends. Gently.

First the good news:

Hotel Safari is a brand new, absolutely original new series from my good friend Tori Knightwood. It’s so well written that I am now hooked on a series in a genre I never thought I’d like to read. Seriously, I would have never picked up a book in this genre. I’m more of a contemporary, historical fiction kind of reader. But when a writer is super talented, (and Tori Knightwood is,) she can suck you into a story and keep you there right up to the end. Think of Barbara Kingsolver and The Poisonwood Bible. Didn’t you imagine you were there in Africa with the Price family when you read it? When I read Tori’s book, I felt like I was standing in the lobby at the Hotel Safari.

Tori has lived in Africa and has written oodles of stories about that magnificent land and its people. I love being one of the lucky ones who get to beta read for her. So when she decided to write a book about something, let me just say unusual, I said to myself, “That’s not my cup of tea, but I’ll read it anyway.” I’m so glad I did! I’m hooked on this series. More good news is that she already has two more stories in this series lined up. The best good news is that Hotel Safari has branches all over the world, so the stories can keep coming as long as you want to read them. Boo-yah!

Now the bad news:

You have to pre-order the book and wait until June 1st to read it. I know, June 1rst is so far away! It’s like booking a room at the Hotel Safari for your next vacation, and you’re counting the days until you get there! But there is a way to visit the Hotel Safari before the series goes live on Amazon. Read on to find out how, and to get a peek at the fabulous cover and a glimpse of the story.

Cover Reveal: Pride of Africa

I’m happy to announce that Pride of Africa, the first book in the Hotel Safari series, will launch on June 1st, 2016.

Serena Fitzgerald, southern belle and student of animal behavior, comes to Kenya to study under a world-renowned biologist-turned-safari lodge owner. She expects to work hard. She expects to learn a lot. She expects a multitude of new experiences. But she didn’t expect to fall for her mentor’s son.

Colin Kemboi is a bored and rich playboy. Half British and half Kenyan, he fits everywhere and nowhere. But as a lion shifter, he yearns for the Kenyan bush. And he yearns for a woman who can love all of him, not just the jet-setting lifestyle he can provide.

Will Serena accept Colin’s lion half? Is Colin willing to settle down with a woman who isn’t among London’s elite? Can they find passion and happiness…together?

And here’s the beautiful cover, thanks to South Mountain Studio:

Hotel Safari _Pride of Africa_V_4

The pre-order is now live on Amazon.

Thanks to my critique partners, launch team, friends, and family. I couldn’t have done this without you!


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About Tori Knightwood

Tori 5 black and whiteTori Knightwood has been lucky enough to live and work in some fabulous exotic places around the world. She faced down angry forest elephants in Tanzania, got a henna tattoo in Kenya, and fell in love in Rwanda. She writes stories to bring a little spice into your life.

You can find Tori online at the following links:

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Twitter: @PocketRomance